My Blank page

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It all started with a blank piece of paper, as so many great ideas do. A young boy is bored with seemingly nothing to do. As he allows his mind to wander, his imagination takes him beyond the walls of his room and on an unforgettable pirate adventure. Throughout his make-believe journey, he uses blank pieces of paper to shape, create, and draw the tools needed to play in a fictitious pirate world. From swords, hats, and plaques to a telescope, treasure map and a long-lost painting, he creates as he plays and propels his day and adventure forward with only his mind and paper. Fueled by the limitless opportunities of a blank page, this story encourages imaginative play in children and gets readers of all ages asking, “What can I do with a blank piece of paper?”

A Note From the Author:

Did you know that creative play does more than nurture a child’s imagination? It helps with social, emotional, language, and critical thinking skills!

One of the things I strive to ensure is that any screen time my son enjoys is balanced by “off-line” time, during which children develop their vital creative thinking skills. It was with this goal in mind that I set out to create a story that would help my own son learn to use his imagination, and My Blank Page was born.

The benefits of imaginative play are substantial, with leading experts associating such experiences with the development of social, emotional, language, and critical thinking skills. Some of my fondest childhood memories center on the imaginative play I engaged in, both on my own and with parents, brothers, sisters, and friends. I strongly believe that I developed important skills during these times that aided me in both my adolescent and adult years.

I hope that this story, of a young boy who taps into the power of his imagination to turn a boring day into an exciting adventure, brings your family joy and helps your children use their imaginations to create unforgettable experiences.

– Tracy Weldon